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How to recover twitter account without phone number?

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If your account get locked or lost, then to recover Twitter password is the best option to make your account active. In such case, the twitter team can deactivate the account at most of the times. If the user is not logged in for certain time duration and your twitter account got locked, then you can reactivate and access the account by simply entering the confirmation code that is sent to your verified phone number or registered email. If the user has not verified any mobile with this, it is a complex situation that the user should go over it to unlock the twitter account without even a mobile number. The twitter is one of the top most social media platforms to connect as well as build showcase your followers and network. Being the top in industry, it has increased the security features along with the standard authentication to stay away from all types of hacking, malware and impersonation problems. However, these security features can also greatly affect the users, if they are not aware of the settings.

How to bypass the twitter phone verification for unlocking account?

Depends upon everyone needs, one can create any number of new twitter accounts. During this account creation, the phone verification is very essential. In such case, if you stuck with this and getting mobile number failed error, now there are so many services available for getting free numbers that you could use for texting. However, the twitter has blocked all those free services. But, they could only use a specific block of numbers and they have all been blacklisted. The best solution for this is using a Google voice number. Below are the simple steps to be followed for verifying several twitter accounts that include:

  • Login to Gmail account that you are using for twitter account
  • Click on want a new number
  • Select a phone at which you need Google voice to call you at
  • Google voice will call you to confirm
  • Once confirmed, the voice will prompt you to select a local number
  • Take that number and go back to twitter account again and then type it

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