Undoubtedly one of the main reasons for the popularity of casinos in the last century was the push from the world of cinema. The casino movies were transmitters of a lifestyle full of charm, where the game was considered a perfect mix of glamor and money. The magic of celluloid trapped thousands of people in front of the screen, transporting them with imagination into the most famous casinos in the world. We offer a brief overview of some of the most famous casino films in history. As you watch free movies online on movies123 you can grab some about casino as well.

The Films

“Cincinnati Kid”, made in 1965 by Norman Jewison and starring Steve McQueen, is one of those films that fully fall into the history of cinema. In the ’70s, we had cult films like “The Sting”, directed by George Roy and starring Paul Newman, based on the casino card game. One of the most memorable scenes in the film is when Newman takes part in a poker game aboard a train, challenging the mafia played by Robert Shaw. A mix of passion, “dirty games”, which are the background of cavalry, elegance and glamor.

  • Casino movies generally convey an image of luxury and money, even if the protagonists are most often full of debts or cunning scammers. But it is precisely that feeling of glamor that captures the viewer, intrigued to admire those gaming rooms, the same that could be found in the city where he lives.
  • In the 1980s casino movies experienced a setback. But the 1990s saw a new boom in the wake of poker’s worldwide success. In 1994 it was the turn of “Maverick”, under the direction of Richard Donner, where Mel Gibson, plays a ‘loose dog’ who tries to raise money to bet in the final tournament of the distant west.

A year later, in 1995, comes “Casino”, a world-famous film that tells the golden years of gambling, shot in some casinos in Las Vegas in the ’70s and directed by Maestro Martin Scorsese. The performances of Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci are excellent, as is the screenplay of the film, which shows the hidden life of many famous casinos in the mecca of gambling.

Shortly thereafter, in 1998, the film “Rounders” by John Dahl is projected all over the world, which has given great popularity to poker and other card games. Matt Damon, the main protagonist of an exceptional cast, reveals the daring tricks he uses to pay off his gambling debts. Now in 123movies you will find the best options for the viewing.

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